Failure Investigation: The CSI of Machines
Failure Investigation: The CSI of Machines In a failure investigation, no detail is too small to be considered. The best way to proceed after discovering a failure is to follow the short list presented here
Small Bore Fitting (appurtenance) with damper link to suppress vibration fatigue
Small Bore – A Simple Structural Element that MAY Complicate Life Small bore, a.k.a. appurtenance, pipes are often the first to fail from vibration fatigue. This simple element may cost large sums in lost production.
Slugging Pulsating Pressure Source Characteristic & Measurement
Slugging Pulsating Pressure Source Characteristic & Measurement Slugging in multiphase flows can be analyzed using piezocable pulsation measurement
Boiler Pressure Pulsation Measurement
Boiler Pressure Pulsation Measurement Flow can drive Vortex Induced Vibration to cause Boiler Noise and Mechanical Fatigue
Pump Pressure Resampled to Rotation Angle and RPM
Angle and Order Analysis When analysing machines, one may use time- or rotation- as the reference. This example explains how one can transit from a time- to an angle- basis.
DiY Encoder with A-, B-, and Z-Channels and reference length mark
DIY Encoder for RPM and Torsion Vibration Analysis A tach signal for torsion analysis can be picked up using a DIY encoder placed on a shaft.
FE Analysis of platform bulkhead
Low Frequency Sound Transmission into Offshore Cabin Offshore space is premium. Cabins tend to be compact, with complicated transmission paths
Repeating Pump Pulsation Shocks from Wave Steepening
Strong Pulsation Causes Shock Waves inside Piping Wave steepening becomes a problem when pulsation is high in comparison to the Line Pressure. The steepened wave results in shock waves.
William Landis Ferry Master Damping Curve allows designed damping data to be recomputed with respect to temperature and frequency.
Designed Damping An overview of various damping elements and related physical mechanisms
Tacho Pulse with damage affects needs pulse prognosis algorithm
Computed Order Tracking with Damaged Tach Pulse Most signal analysis systems rely on the tachometer pulse being in pristine condition - this is not always the case
Waste furnace high temperature welded stress gauge
Waste Incineration and Mechanical Stress Measurement One of the worst decisions you can make is to measure dynamic stress inside a waster furnace.
How pipe cross section ovalization affects pulsation sound transmission
Finite Element Analysis of Sound Transmission Through Pipes Can a few metres of piping really tell you something about the km of plant piping?