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Our History


Elisabet Blom and Claes Fredö first met in 1997. At the time, they were employed at different companies.  Elisabet hired Claes to assist in a job concerning a piping vibration problem where he made a vibroacoustic FE simulation, and used Experimental Modal Analysis and Model Correlation.

In 2005, Claes was working with compressors and small bore at an FPSO offshore in Africa. At the FPSO was a turbine that had experienced multiple breakdowns. One day, there was a delay in the compressor project, so he asked the ship if they also wanted him to make also measurements on the turbine; an offer that was accepted.

Claes hired Elisabet to help, as he knew that Elisabet had worked with turbines at ABB Stal since the early 1990s.The problem turned out to be a rather tricky one, which required lots of discussions to figure out.

It was during this project that the idea of a future collaboration between Elisabet and Claes was born as they discovered how much they could learn from each other.


ChemistElisabet Blom first studied chemistry then mechanical engineering with a focus on thermal and flow problems.

With this background, Elisabet was employed at ABB Stal, where she learned everything there is to know about commissioning and troubleshooting large machinery, how to write specifications for large machinery and advanced multi-plane balancing and vibration.

Elisabet has retained her interest in thermal problems and is currently an industry post-graduate at Linköping University. (How to combine Chemistry with Vibration? - Link )

Here is Elisabet Blom's CV if you want to know more: Currculum Vitae Elisabet Blom


MusicianHearingProtectionClaes Fredö studied mechanical engineering. He first became interested in acoustics when he accidentally built a pair of loudspeakers that sounded rather good.

As he was at University at the time, he started wondering why why these speakers sounded better than others. This nosing around eventually led to a specialisation into dynamics in general and a Ph.D. in vibroacoustics at Chalmers.

Here is Claes Fredö's CV if you want to know more: Curriculum Vitae Claes Fredö


WinWInThere are two independent vibration traditions in Sweden.

  • One tradition originated at Stal in the 1940s when Gösta Lindholm started work on turbine vibration.
  • The other tradition started with Per Brüel becoming Professor in Acoustics at Chalmers during WWII.

At Qring, we try our best to apply, improve, mix and share what we have inherited from both of these traditions.

We believe this is a key ingredient in the "doing something else" we bring to our clients.


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