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Technology for Problem Solving

Failure Investigation: The CSI of Machines

We have all seen TV shows with crime scene investigations, where intelligent persons catch the “insignificant” details that solve the mystery. In a failure investigation, the method is pretty much the same. No detail is too small to be considered.

Piping vibration risk using the displacement criteria suggested by Gamle and Tagart.

Piping Fatigue Risk from Vibration Measurement

Piping fatigue risk can be assessed from vibration measurements using a stress-velocity relation. 




Why Simulate, Measure, Correlate or Automate?

First and foremost, the purpose of any analysis is to reduce risk when a decision must be made....  An accurate measurement can give you the opportunity to identify things you did not previously know about a problem.... A correlation can be used for Test - Test, Simulation -Simulation, Test - Simulation ... Looking at how CAE work is made and comparing it to production shows that the current CAE work style is that of the artisan rather than that of the modern factory...

Torsion Vibration Measurement and Analysis of Flue Gas Fan

Torsion vibration can influence the operability and technical life of drive systems such as fan-motors or automatic trains. Typically, torsion vibration is weakly coupled with axial vibration when the drive system is straight. It can be nearly impossible to detect torsion vibration from axial vibration measurement because of this weak coupling.