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Core Values & Workstyle


We find honesty, ethics and integrity to be the only way to do business.

Qring works and complies with all rules and regulations.

At Qring, we do not shy away from difficult tasks set by our clients – rather we embrace challenges as an opportunity to grow and improve.



Here at Qring, we know that we stand and fall by the reputation we have with our clients.

Therefore, we do our utmost to meet the standards set by our clients.

  • We have zero tolerance for drug and substance use at Qring and our consultants are regularly tested.
  • We pride ourselves on diversity, fairness, and equal opportunity: everyone is treated equally regardless of gender or background.
  • Corruption or unfair procedures are not tolerated at Qring.
  • Continuous development – We strive to deliver the best end customer value by competence.
  • Sustainability –We strive to reduce our environmental impact wherever possible. 
  • Responsibility – We do our best to see matters to their conclusion.
  • Straightforwardness – We state our findings on matters as clearly as possible.
  • Constructiveness – We do our best to contribute in finding win-win solutions and in evaluating/re-evaluating theories necessary to resolve real-life problems. 



At Qring, we believe that knowledge sharing is a win-win. We therefore strive to learn from— and share knowledge with— clients, as well as our suppliers and subcontractors.

We find that an active dialogue, the technobabble, often uncovers unexpected or new values for all parties involved. Also, it is a fun way of collaborating!

At Qring, we try to put ourselves in the shoes of our end client to find ways to better understand and serve your needs. In carrying out a mission, we explain our best understanding of the task and the predicted outcome of a suggested countermeasure.

As part of this dialogue, we actively try to come up with innovative and cost-effective ways of collaborating with clients, subcontractors and suppliers.



Qring does its best to create a proactive dialogue with clients, suppliers and subcontractors, where we share experiences and identify ways to mutually improve.

This dialogue has, for example, allowed us to customise the measurement software we use for our clients.

Qring, both by itself and in collaboration with subcontractors, develops its own equipment to better suit the environments in which we work and to create new values for all parties involved.

We like to learn from company experts and share what we know and can do, as the sum of teamwork tends to be larger than its parts.


Qring Technology International AB | von Holtens väg 4, 443 32, Lerum | VAT ID SE556873544201