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The Board

Chairman Håkan Thörnholm

Håkan Thörnholm

Håkan Thörnholm, Chairman, is a Graduate Business Administrator from Stockholm School of Economics and a former authorised public accountant and partner of PwC. Håkan has a great deal of experience in working with publicly-listed companies, as well as family businesses. His special fields are mergers and acquisitions, business consulting and coaching/mentorship. Håkan is currently chairman of the board at half a dozen companies. He finds it very stimulating to work with companies with a high level of technical skill and the ambition to grow.
Elisabet Blom at Qring Technology International AB
Board Member Elisabet Blom

Elisabet Blom

Elisabet, boardmember, is a chemist who chose to convert to thermodynamics. Work opportunities were scarce when she graduated, and she was recruited to the office next door to the thermodynamics group in the vibration department. Advanced measurements with a deep understanding of the mechanics involved has become Elisabet’s trademark. She has used this understanding to perform many failure investigations, particularly for steam turbines.
Claes Fredö (C.R. Fredö) at Qring Technology International AB
CEO Claes Fredö

Claes Fredö

Claes Fredö, board member, is a founding member of Qring. Claes received his Ph.D. in vibroacoustics from Chalmers in 1995, but has worked as a consultant since 1987. He is a simple guy, with his work being his main hobby— though he manages to also squeeze in some fun with 3D photography, HiFi and RC.

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