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Equipment List

NI cDAQ 4ch to 256ch, Real Time and Data logger
Accelerometers Industrial, triaxial, Seismic and DC
Stress Resistive Strain gauge, piezoelectroc strain gauge
Microphones 1'' to 1/8'', Sound Intensity
VXI 8ch to 448ch, Real Time and/or Data Logger
Pressure kPa to 600 bar. Relative (ICP or Charge) and Absolute types
NI Sound & Vibration General signal analysis
ModalView ODS, OMA, EMA, Model Correlation, Model based redesign, Impact test
Acq_Mat 1432 Time, Frequency, RPM, Order, SIMO, MIMO, Swept Sine acquisition
DACExpress Time based acquistion
Electrodynamic Shaker 10 N to 500 N
Force 100 N to 25 kN. Impulse Hammer and Force Sensor
Charge Amplifier 0.25 pC/EU to 10000 pc/EU. AC or ICP powered
Isolated Barriers 4-20 mA, Vibration types
Power Amplifier 1 kW
Displacement Proximiters, LVDT, lasers & Yo-yo
Strain gauge Wheatstone & Constant Current types
Computer Office, Rugged & ATEX
Switches Ethernet by cable or fiber and WiFi
Digital Optical Tacho, Linear Encoder, Rotary Encoder, picodot lasers
Temperature Type N, Type K and Ir Camera
Inclinometer 0.15 degree resolution
Lasers DC-, Scanning- and Torsion- types
Video Streaming Video & handheld
Flow Clamp on ultrasonic & custom techniques for complicated flow
Other AC Current and triaxial AC-/DC- magnet field
Matlab Customized and/or Automated Measurement/Analysis
IDM Flow Measurement Control
Watson Gyro 6-dof Intertial Measurement Unit Control
NavView 6-dof Crossbow Inertial Measurement Unit Contorl
SVTTL-90 Inclinometer Control
NI USB Data logger
NI PCI Data logger

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