Slugging Pulsating Pressure Source Characteristic & Measurement

Multiphase Slugging Pulsating Pressure Source Characteristic & Measurement   Slugging in multiphase flows can be caused by a variety of factors (see here and here ), including from pigging operations, operational conditions, where low flow velocity cause mixtures to separate (terrain-induced slugging), or low points where liquids at sufficiently high flow flood the low point cross section and cause periodic slugging (also known as riser slugging), as seen in Figure 1. Periodic slugging can be detrimental to piping fatigue, as it causes large pressure pulsations in the system....

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Pulsation Measurement

Correctly measuring pulsation is more difficult than it seems. As mentioned elsewhere (Link), Pressure = LinePressure + Kinetic Pressure + Pulsation. Line Pressure (LP) usually is measured without much problem. LP can be affected by Pulsation when long tubing leads to the pressure sensor (see Figure 1). Industry-type pressure sensors tend to be placed on a small bore fitting, often with a blocking valve situated between the pressure sensor and the flange (see Figure 1- flange not shown). This setup works for Line Pressure and suppresses Kinetic Pressure, but is less ideal for pulsation...

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